*Our Services:

Import & Export :


Our import service supports companies to develop their presence in foreign markets and to increase their business.
Based on our clients’ requests, we scout for products worldwide to match with expected price, quality, volume and innovation.
We connect to suppliers from the area of interest and carefully we assess them based on reliability and expected product quality and services. Our support focuses on the perfect partner.
We share with our clients as much target area information as possible.to allow clients to evaluate the business risk and the potential returns from that region economic system.
We monitor suppliers production progress, as well as prototypes / new models / collections. On behalf of our clients we perform quality controls on items before shipment.


Our export service supports companies for their business development worldwide.
Our foreign markets knowledge and the related product demands enables our clients to point to the most attractive products to export in any market of interest.
Thanks to our foreign partners we select the most attractive products to export.
Our commitment is to stand with our clients on a regular basis, to maximize their return on investment and to define the strategy aimed to product positioning on international markets.
We organize foreign missions, international shipments, specific events, local representative and fair participation.

Product Sourcing & Supply :

One of our main services is product sourcing. Many companies have lack of ability or the time to source products they need. Further, resourcing can be exhausted and fruitless if you do not get the right products you need.

We take the time and spent the energy to find you the best in the market at the best price. We will advise you on the choice regardless of what products you need.

we are in direct contact with most of main factories in middle east and based on that we can guaranty on time delivery and quality of products.

Distribution & Marketing :

The South East Asia and Middle East are one of the largest consumer markets in the world, specially that this region always starving for new technology and products.

You will find a profitable market within , whether it’s for your products, technology, or services. In a region that has the buying power and the large population yet that lacks production and depends on imports, you need to consider the South East Asia and Middle East as a target market.

The problem facing most suppliers or manufactures is how to reach this complex market that lacks proper marketing tools and advertising. We are most familiar with this market and this region. Plus, we are specialized professionals in finding the right methods to target the market.

Market Study/ Research :

Customs clearance :

we are professional in customs clearance in Malaysia ports either sea ports or Airfreight. if you need any consultation about customs clearance , don’t hesitate to contact us , it will be our pleasure to have free consultation time with you.