Overstay Clearance

For those who are overstayed their visa in Malaysia

Depending on ,How long they are overstayed and Nationality. we can offer different options for special Pass.

  • between 7 days to 30 days validity
  • takes 1 to 4 weeks

Documents needed to apply

  • Passport
  • Flight Ticket



جهت مشاوره در مورد مشکلات اقامت ، با ما تماس بگیرید

21 Comments to “Overstay Clearance”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    One of my friend think that he got cheated by his agent without renewing his work permit because for the last two months his agent saying that his work permit is under progress in myEg. In case, if he found that he got cheated means what he should do from then.

    Thank you for your help in advance.



    1. Dear Surendar.
      if you can see details in myEg it means , they already applied for him , an the only think is:
      applicant should keep in touch with company and agent , to understand when is the date of appointment for thumb print .

  2. Dear sir,
    My Employment pass expired on may 2016..my agent told my application still now processing..now going to end of 5 month..even special pass still now processing… What should i do now..how can i stay safe…my employer also told wait until approve..my passport also hold them…pls help…thanks…

    1. Dear Prabu
      please send message to whats app or telegram : 0060123595084

  3. my gf got cheated by her agent without renewing her work permit . he returned her passport to her after 60days from the expiration date which means she is over stay 60days .
    what should she do ?
    will she be able to return to Malaysia if she summit a police report to the immigration ?
    will she need to pay a penalty even she has a prove from the police that she been cheated it?
    please help
    thank u

    1. Dear Zahwa
      please send message to whats app or telegram : 0060123595084

  4. You always do the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

  5. Hlo sir i came malaysia by visit visa, my agent hold my passport for getting work permit, he gave one permit but tat is fake i knew that one month before, now clearly i knw am overstayed…i wanna go home it is possible to clear overstayed without banned…or possible to get proper work permit

    1. Dear Priya
      please send message to whats app or telegram : 0060123595084

  6. Hello . I need your help , my wife is thailand passport , its overstay around 5days , can u help me about this ?

    1. Dear Tan
      please send message to whats app or telegram : 0060123595084

  7. Hello, my friend from Pakistan overstating here from two years bcz of agent, now my friend want to get visit visa for Vietnam so how and how much he will pay the fine of two years over stay

    1. Dear Fazal
      please send message to whats app or telegram : 0060123595084

  8. Hi. Can anyone tell me how to get a police certificate for malaysia for overstay and exit through special pass. Cheated by agents and eventually had to leave malaysia by getting a special pass. I need to have a police certificate urgently

    1. Dear Madiha
      please send message to whats app or telegram : 0060123595084

  9. Dear sir/ madem,
    I am IMRAN from Bangladesh living in Malaysia by tourist visa since 12 February 2017 to till and I have applied in MYEG on 23 March 2017 and didn’t give Fingure print yet in immigration. Now I want to go in my country. But without visa can I come back or it will be any problem in Immigration as oversaty here? Please let me know details.

    1. Dear Imran
      please send message to whats app or telegram : 0060123595084

  10. Am nirmala am Malaysian passport holder but both of my kids are german refugee travel document holder the problem is my kids only allowed to stay 1 month in malaysia but I have to stay more then I month because do some prosess selling my properties it’s will be take more then 1month when I ask putrajaya imegressen they say cannot give special pass for my kids because they hold refugee travel document..any one can help me am in bad situation…last day is today for my kids 1 .7.2017

  11. Hi, my name is Tyas and I’m from Indonesia, I’m Indonesian Passport holder and came to Malaysia with the visit visa on may 2017 and expired on June 17th 2017, I came here to be with my boyfriend and hiding behind because I have law matters in Indonesia… And now I want to go back to Indonesia because I want back to my family… I want to know how much cost that I have to pay for the immigration penalty for around 3 months overstay in Malaysia?

    1. please send message through whats app : 0060123595084

  12. One of my friend got cheated by his agent without renewing his student visa because for the last four months his agent saying that his student visa is under progress. Now he needs to return to his home country and he’s gf in Malaysia just gave birth to a baby. Can he use the influence of the child to get access to get the required visa because he said they are treating his case as overstayed.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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