• All Nationalities
  • Multiple Entry
  • Dependent visa available (dependent is allowed to work full time)
  • Should apply from Home Country or in a country ,they have visa to stay(not tourist visa)
  • All Courses
  • Offer letter will be done within 45 working days and
  • Tuition fees ,depends on course and University is vary between : CAD 10000 to CAD 20000  per year
  • interview is through phone (if needed)
  • No need IELTS (just an online test in our office in Kuala lumpur )
  • visa processing : within 45 working days
  • all together within 3 working months will be done
  • Can get PR within 3 years

our services :

  • help to make a reasonable study plan
  • help to write a good and acceptable resume
  • check all documents and upload for Canada embassy
  • help to find a reasonable place for living , before reach
  • free consultancy
  • Airport pickup in Canada

Documents needed to apply:

  • Passport Full copy
  • Resume
  • White background Photo
  • police clearance letter
  • Last 2 academic certificate and transcripts
  • All documents must be translated in English

For better and more accurate options , please fill up the assessment form ,below :

Please upload your CV in PDF format.